The Alien Buffalo tent came from a very specific need for innovation, this need started at Burning Man.

“We built a large camp at Burning Man and couldn’t find a shelter that met our needs. We tried everything from yurts to converted ice fishing pop-up tents,” he said. “We needed something lightweight, easy to transport, durable, with standing room — something that could handle the heat, wind, and strange use cases.” -Said Alien Buffalo’s lead designer Brian Newman

The Alien Buffalo Tent comes with five-sided shape, and look a bit like the pyramids and a lot taller than traditional tents. The shape of the Alien Buffalo tent is inspired by the Native American tip and the yurts, commonly used throughout Central Asia. The Tent has enough space and a very high ceiling. The conventional buffalo has 204 square feet of space. The height of the tent is 9 feet and 3 inches.
The tent comes in a variety of sizes, with the smaller versions covering a square feet are of 124, with a height of 6 feet and 10 inches.

When it comes to weight, both the Buffalo Mini and Buffalo have a competitive weight, with the latter weighing 44 pounds while the mini tent weighing 30 pounds. This basically tells you that you will not be lugging the tent into the backcountry. This tent has really been designed for festivals that take advantage of outdoor camping but require a lot of luxuries you would not need in a survival situation making weight less of an issue.

With that in mind, taking into account how much space the Alien Buffalo tent provides, it is very portable. The conventional one can accommodate around 8 people without any problem, and with a tight fit can handle 14 people at a go. The smaller one is ideal for four people, although they can hold up to 8 people.

For a tent that you can easily fit them in a trunk. that does not need any center poles or ropes to set them up this is really a steal.

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