Nikon has finally entered the action camera arena announcing on Jan 5th  its brand new shockproof, dustproof and waterproof 4k DSLR the KeyMission 360.  The top camera maker’s first attempt at the action camera market has many die-hard Nikon fans excited but nervous. The KeyMission 360 is a little bigger than its competitor the GoPro Hero 4 but is not as cube shaped and has the benefit of front and BACK lenses.

The KeyMission is capable of filming 360-degree’s in 4K Video and is the start of what Nikon is calling a “Family” of action cameras.  Until now most high-quality 360 VR was being shot by large camera rigs and had little competition with the exception of devices like Ricoh and 360fly. This leaves a big opening for Nikon to jump in and steal the market. As of now Nikon has not released any information about pricing or availability.

View the Nikon KeyMission 360 Action Camera page

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