Zarooq Motor’s is set to be the first production car manufacturer out of UAE ( United Arab Emirates ) and has presented their very first car. Its exactly what you would expect from the worlds richest country that is surrounded by a hundred miles of sand dunes in every direction, a big sand racer. The Zarooq Sand Racer really puts all those DIY dune buggies to shame though, Powered by a Nissan 3.5-liter v6 engine with 309hp can really get up and go. The high-performance buggy is handmade with heavy duty suspension, sequential gearbox and some seriously knobby tires. It would not truly be a UAE veichle unless it came with many of the bespoke options available in terms of performance, equipment and body choice ( most likey carbon fiber or gold ).

Zarooq founder Mohammed Al Qadi explains he created the Sand Racer to fill a niche in the market.

“There’s a huge demand today for a potent sand racer that’s tailored for our desert. You have big 4x4s which are bulky, you have buggies that are open and not the safest or the most practical, and you have recreational ATV-type vehicles that are not initially made for racing,” explains the startup’s top executive.

The concept for the Zarooq sand racer was created by Anthony Jannarelly, the same man who designed the Lykan Hypersport used in Fast and Furious 7. The more than generous amount of ground clearance and nearly 17 inches of suspension allows this coupe to tackle any massive sand dune UAE has to offer.





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